Building Financial Capability (BFC) is a service that helps people, families and whānau to get control of their money, set goals and achieve long-term, sustainable change. Anyone in the Wairarapa can access our BFC services and products for FREE. 

Financial mentors have a non-judgemental approach and sound financial knowledge. They support people to make connections with local networks and social services to ensure they get the right support at the right time. This could mean the financial mentor:

  • supports and empowers clients to control debt 
  • advocates on a client’s behalf with creditors or other lenders 
  • support a client and their family/whānau to develop budget
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The BFC Process

  1. We receive a referral - directly from the client, or from another agency they are working with.

  2. We contact the client and have a chat about their financial goals and any pressing issues. During this phone call we also gather all the statistical information we need for registering you as a client. 

  3. A financial mentor is assigned to a client. The mentor will contact the client and organise an appointment time. This appointment can take place at our office in central Masterton, or at one of our community clinics around the Wairarapa.  

  4. At your first appointment the client and Mentor will discuss the client’s financial goals and current financial situation. They will go through all expenses, income and debt. From there, they will address pressing issues and prepare a draft budget and debt schedule. 

  5. The client and the mentor will continue to meet regularly until the client is on track to achieve their goals. 

Here’s what some of our community members have said about our BFC programme:

“I am happy to share my story with other budgeting clients. I believe that if it wasn’t for your service, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Having the one on one appointments each week was excellent for keeping me on track. I have recommended your service to lots of people. It’s brilliant.”

 “Made me feel comfortable, relaxed, supported and not alone in this situation. That I have help now and that things are going to get sorted. Gave me a budget to work with and to visualise.”

“I have achieved 95% of my goals that I set with my financial mentor and feel so good about the direction I am heading in.”