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Connecting Communities Wairarapa is a community organisation that operates a range of community-led initiatives and social services focused on increasing the well-being of our people and our community.  By weaving together community development and social services, we are able to develop individual and practical initiatives that enable all our communities to thrive. Our collaborative approach means we can work together to achieve common goals that build strong resilient communities.

The Connecting Communities Development Team supports a range of community-led development activities, projects and events designed to bring our communities together; including Youth Development, Masterton East Community Development, Neighbourhood Support and the free School Holiday Programme.  The Social Services Team works at an individual and whanau level, working closely with their clients to develop budgeting and everyday life skills to guide, support and empower them. The Social Services Team also runs the Strengthening Families process and connects clients with other community-based agencies according to their individual needs.